Thursday, August 28, 2008

Getty Metal

Don’t know who the genius was in this band—though I’m guessing it’s Hurley there on the right—who thought it’d be a good idea to get their promo photo taken at the Getty service station. Maybe his dad owned it, or he just bought a lot of Funyons there. I’m not entirely sure if the kid on the left is actually in the band, or just stopped to look at the camera while he was on his way to buy a candy bar. I see a Slayer shirt on big boy and a Black Flag Tee on the scowler next to him, but not a lot of other clues. Anyone recognize these dudes?

Update: This took about 5 minutes to figure out. It's Post Mortem, out of Boston, who had a couple of releases on New Renaissance Records in the late '80s and even soldiered on into the '90s. I think some of their stuff was even reissued later, though I'm not sure why.


Ian Christe said...

That's Boston's weird sludge-thrashers Post Mortem.

Caveman! Living in stone!
Caveman...dinosaur bone!

AT said...

Very impressive, Ian. I had a feeling this photo would be easier, but you musta spotted that and had absolutely no doubt.

I'm sure I probably still have a PM album or two deep in storage. New Renaissance Records sent all that shit to me back in the day. Mostly poorly recorded, cheesy art.

roxymuzak said...

Wow, dude.

god punchin said...


oh well, being second to know they were post mortem counts for something, right? riiiight?

Ian Christe said...

John McCarthy RIP - Jan. 28, 2009

Ian Christe said...

And now Post Mortem's cleverly-named "Turkey on Your Nose" demo is posted: