Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Drugstore Perms: Metal or Not? Discuss...

These dudes are definitely European. I can’t tell you why I know that. I just do. I have no idea who this band is, but I know they are definitely Old World. Or maybe Canadian.

It’s also clear that they subscribed to a number of the various “how to dress like a metal band” theories of the day: the spiked and studded leather sash, the sleeveless animal print shirt, the snug-fitting spandex, etc., etc. The leather says they're tough, the spandex says, “look what I've got, ladies.” I’m not exactly sure what the facial hair says. Maybe, “I just reached puberty.”

So, have at it. Even if you don’t have a clue who this band is, feel free to weigh in on just how excellent this picture is, or we could just argue about Fate’s Warning, if that’s your thing.

Update: Well, it seems that I’ve had one of the most hilarious pictures of Helloween known to man stashed away in storage for the last 20+ years. Although, this was probably not that hilarious at the time (circa 1985?), I’m pretty sure that these dudes would not be stoked to see this posted on the Interweb in 2008. Too bad. Congrats to my Fates Warning-loving pal Helm for nailing it right off the bat.


Helm said...

Fates Warning, note Fate's! Hah

This is either Helloween proper or a pre-Helloween band (Powerfool?) Since I can spot the esteemed mister Hansen and the always ugly mister Weikath there. There is also possibly Markus Grosskopf. If I had to guess, this is 'death metal' era Helloween. Before the EP.

What do I win? :D

It's a hilarous and awesome photo, also.

AT said...

Holy shit! I think you may be right. Unfortunately the only thing you win is the smug satisfaction in knowing that you're clearly more of an expert on Power Metal than I am. Congrats on that.

The bigger mystery now is where did I get that photo. I have no recollection of ever receiving a Helloween demo (or even Powerfool).

Next stop...eBay!

Helm said...

haha next stop e-bay! I see what this blog is now! :D

Keep 'em coming.

Keir said...

Beat me to it Helm! This isn't Powerfool though, since that was Weikath's band before he teamed up with Kai Hansen. Could be Iron Fist. The other 2 members are definitely Markus Grosskopf and Ingo Schwichtenberg. Year could be anywhere from 1982-1986, but I would guess you are right with '85. Also note that this is the same photo shoot as on this page:

willem said...

I thought it was Living Death

AT said...

Keir, thanks for that link (and additional info). Interesting that there were no pumpkins in the photo I have that was taken from that same session. I'm gonna do some more digging in my "archives" and see if I can find any of the additional press material that may have been sent with this.

Anonymous said...

HELLOWEEN of course.