Thursday, October 30, 2008

Glam + Moustaches = Unintended Hilarity

This one's a real gem. Ignoring for a moment just how goofy the dudes in the band look, let's focus in on the fact that this black & white photo has been touched up (waaaaaay before there was Photoshop, etc.) with some carefully placed red (clothes, guitar, lips!) and yellow (hair) highlights. And I really don't know why they did this. They should have either a) just gone with a standard B&W shot, b) gone with a color shot, or c) taken advantage of the fact that they could alter a B&W photo however they pleased and given the blond dudes really outrageously colored hair (I'm thinking parrot green, or maybe sky blue) and Fanta-orange lips.

I mean, talk about a missed opportunity.

And, yeah, I know who this band is. Suffice to say, they didn't make much of a mark in the metal world, but this photo deserves to live on in infamy, if only for its vaguely Village People vibe. Anyone else have a guess as to who it is?

Update: Here's a holiday gift for you. "Andreas78" finally figured out that this is German band Black Diamond. (Strange how many of these are German bands, no?) They put out an EP called "Faces" in 1985 on a small indie label, which curiously featured a cover that may further my Village People suggestion (see below). I also have no idea why this record was called "Faces." Anyway, two of the members of Black Diamond did go on to form Dorian Gray, who are still together and putting out records.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

These Boots Are Made For Rockin'

This one should be a slam dunk. I put this up not so much because I think it will be particularly difficult to figure out, but more as an example of what bands in the early ’80s thought a metal promo photo should look like. I mean, c'mon!

To be fair, though, the entire scene was considerably less sophisticated then. Dudes in a small town with limited access to magazines and fanzines (or other local bands to look up to or emulate) only had a vague idea of what a metal band should look like so they just kind of filled in the blanks with whatever seemed kinda bad ass.

And sometimes that meant putting on giant fuzzy boots.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Clinic in How Not To Look in a Metal Promo Photo

Took me a good five minutes to stop laughing so that I was able to type anything coherent. Even still, I don't know that I have anything to really say about this that you're not gonna immediately spot (and love) yourself.

I will note that, while it might have been a good money-saving tactic to get the group photo taken at Kmart, the results are less than "pro." In fact, this band, which may have actually been decent (and I stress may), basically assured itself that it would not be taken seriously.

Anyway, I know who these guys are, so there's no mystery there. But let's see if anyone else out there has a clue. Good luck.

Update: So, all it took to figure this one out was to post a picture of Toranaga, the band that the dude in the upper right, Mark Duffy, went on to front in the late '80s. This dodgy-looking bunch is, in fact, Millennium, who were sort of latecomers in the NWOBHM. They contributed to the "Pure Overkill" compilation in 1983 and released their self-titled 10-song debut on Guardian Records back in 1984. They continued to slug it out and record demos until 1987. Eventually Duffy joined Toranaga, after answering an ad in a UK rock magazine, and I have no idea what happened to his former bandmates. Duffy is still in the music biz and his latest project is called Face the Unknown.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ah, the Classic "Stand in Front of a Big Metal Gate" Pose

I'll admit straight up that I actually know who this band is. They must have sent me a half dozen photos over the years. I was looking at one with their name on it and I put 2 + 2 together...

I also think that this is a relatively easy one. Shouldn't take too long. I would encourage whoever figures it out to provide whatever info they know about the band along with their answer.

From here on out, I'll actually know the identity of the photos I'm posting. Now that we've run through all the ones I was stumped about, this'll just be about seeing if I can stump you. Good luck!

Update: Guess it wasn't as easy as I thought it might be. Brocas Crelm did, however, correctly identify them as Hexx, a Bay Area power metal/thrash band that later dropped their lead vocalist and went for a heavier, almost death metal sound later in the '80s.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

"Hi! How Are Ya?"

Waving to the camera? Not metal. Smiling at the camera? Not metal. Wearing a studded belt and black spandex? Very metal. Sleeveless shirt? Very metal. White pants? Not metal. Studded fingerless leather gloves? So metal.

I do believe, though I could be mistaken, that the most metal dude of this bunch (second from left) is wearing a Cerebus tee (see the "Scarves and Sweatpants" post). How's that for an odd coincidence? Very metal.

So, the timer is running, geniuses, let's see how quickly you can get this one.

Update: Well, 24 hrs. after I posted the above photo, Keir figured it out. It's Deathslayer from NY. They released a couple of demos circa 1984-ish (the photo has 1984 faintly stamped on the back) and had two tracks on different comps. And here's a little bonus for you: the same band gone glam.