Thursday, October 2, 2008

"Hi! How Are Ya?"

Waving to the camera? Not metal. Smiling at the camera? Not metal. Wearing a studded belt and black spandex? Very metal. Sleeveless shirt? Very metal. White pants? Not metal. Studded fingerless leather gloves? So metal.

I do believe, though I could be mistaken, that the most metal dude of this bunch (second from left) is wearing a Cerebus tee (see the "Scarves and Sweatpants" post). How's that for an odd coincidence? Very metal.

So, the timer is running, geniuses, let's see how quickly you can get this one.

Update: Well, 24 hrs. after I posted the above photo, Keir figured it out. It's Deathslayer from NY. They released a couple of demos circa 1984-ish (the photo has 1984 faintly stamped on the back) and had two tracks on different comps. And here's a little bonus for you: the same band gone glam.


Keir said...


AT said...

Consider me impressed. You are correct.

Keir said...

I recognized the singer from her picture on the Iron Tyrants comp. I guess I’m a sucker for cute metal girls. ;) Looking at the picture again, that’s actually a Deathslayer shirt, not Cerebus. What year is that second picture from? I’ve never heard any of their post-1984 material, but if their sound changed the same way as their image then that’s really a shame.

BTW, if any of your Deathslayer promo materials are for trade/sale please let me know!

AT said...

Nice detective work there, mister. I have no idea what year the second photo is from.

I'm not really thinking about selling/trading any of these at the moment, but if that changes, I'll let you know.

Since we are running low on mystery photos, I may start sorting through the archives for other stuff to put up here.