Thursday, November 13, 2008

"Dude Who Sat Behind Me in Math Class"

"Lynott" left a comment in a previous post about one of the guys in the band looking like the "dude that sat behind me in math class," and it made me think two things: 1) I was that dude in high school, and 2) anyone reading this probably either remembers someone like that, or was that person.

This fairly unremarkable promo photo--nothing particularly cheesy or cool, a band decked out in basic denim and leather, hanging out in a bar--struck me as a collection of five "dudes who sat behind me in math class."

Anyway, I actually used to correspond with this band back in the day. If/when someone figures it out, I'll see if I can't dig out one of the letters (written on the band's personalized stationary, natch) and post it.

(And ignore that "19 Denmark" in the bottom right corner, it's not a clue as to the country of origin or name of this band.)

Update: This is one the longest unsolved posts so far. (There's still this one.) . Anyway, Keir was flipping through his NWOBHM Encyclopedia--the lucky bastard--and he came across this exact picture. It's Soldier. And unless you went to school in the UK, none of these dudes probably sat behind you in math class. I know I said I'd try to dig out some of the correspondence I had with this band, but I've so far been unsuccessful. Maybe I just made the whole thing up in my head. Hard to say. Anyway, Soldier were one of those obscure-for-a-reason NWOBHM bands. Weren't horrible, weren't amazing. They more or less peaked with their debut single "Sheralee," a power ballad released by Heavy Metal Records in 1982. They issued a couple of demos after that and then faded away...until their inevitable reunion in 2003. They even issued a new album in 2005 called Sins of the Warrior.


Keir said...

That describes fairly accurately why I love these kinds of pictures and also the bands themselves. They aren't rock stars, they're just dudes who very well might have sat behind us in math class.

I don’t know who this is, but the guy in the white jacket is totally throwing off the Motorhead-ish vibe of the rest of the band. Was he the keyboard player they thought they needed to get on the radio?

AT said...

No keyboards in this band. That guy might have been the bassist or drummer. I'm not sure.

lynott said...

clockwise from top karate guy from bruce lee movie,the "light sensitive" bass player,dave wyndorf of monster magnet scoring weed,rich dude who's dad provided equipment and a garage,and wolf hoffmann of accept who stumbled in looking for jumper cables for his dead mercedes.later wyndorf gave wolf a jump with his el camino.

Keir said...

Leafing through Malc Macmillan's NWOBHM Encyclopedia the other day I happened to see this very picture. It's Soldier!

AT said...

Finally! Yep, of course you're correct. Although I'm more impressed that you have a copy of that book! And jealous, too!

Keir said...

Yeah, that's an incredible book. Hard to find, but definitely worth the hunt. I bought mine from Rockadrome for $40, but they're all sold out now.