Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Holiday Gift to You: A Gimme

Sorry, I couldn't find any obscure photos of bands decked out in Santa hats or pretending to be Christmas elves. So instead I've posted this beauty just 'cause it makes me chuckle. And it has absolutely no holiday connection at all.

But look at the expressions on the dudes on the right and left sides: they are priceless. Guy on the right looks like he's holding in a bonghit (or maybe just trying to suck in his gut for the camera), while the guy on the left looks like he's just exhaled his (or drank a dozen cold ones...he looks wrecked!).

And that poster in the back--a classic from a truly different era--is the best, though it's probably a dead giveaway as to this band's identity. So, chime in if you're actually paying attention to this blog instead of arguing with your family or screaming at your kids to, once and for all, stop playing with the goddamn ornaments on the tree. Ah, I love the holidays. Really do.

Check back for more fun in 2009.


Update: Our holiday ended up getting cut short due to the atrocious weather in the NW (yeah, yeah, I know we're a bunch of wimps, but we don't usually get 2 straight weeks of snow and thus are lacking in basic snow-removal equipment like plows, etc.) so I'm back a little early to confirm that "Brocas Crelm" correctly identified this band as At War--as if you all didn't know. They have reformed recently and you can check out a new demo by looking at Ian's post in the comments section.


Brocas Crelm said...

I'm surprised this hasn't already been done ten times over: AT WAR.

Frighteningly I actually recognized them from their album pictures.

Ian Christe said...

Yeah, that two-tone lion's mane is distinct, even from a few year's distance. At War has regrouped in 2008, still screaming "Fuck you, eat lead!"

Here's the demo:


And Adem, militaristic banners have replaced blogs as the primary mode of communication in this nation. Haven't you been to a truck stop or a flea market lately?

Thanks for the cruel yule, IAN

AT said...

Thanks for posting that demo link, Ian. I don't doubt that militaristic banners are still en vogue, but the "Reds" are no longer the bad guys. Thanks to guys like the dudes in At War, we totally kicked those commies asses!

My Hairspray Queen said...

hey, how can I get in touch with you, and ask you a couple of things about Stymie?