Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Which One of These Is Not Like The Others?

Here's a bonus for you, since I've been a little slack with the posts recently.

I just love everything about the look of this band because it is so of-an-era (and a specific scene). In doing a little extra research I discovered that this is a particularly notable shot in the history of this band. Read into that what you will, but a full explanation will be provided once someone figures this out.

And, yeah, we're continuing with the theme of shirtless men. And Japanese paraphernalia. I also need to point out the awesomeness of the laced up shirt the other up-front poodle is sporting.

Now, if only the dude in the middle had gotten the memo about the official band coiff for this session. Hello! Alex Lifeson called and wants his 1970s 'do back!

This may actually turn out to be an easy one, but I can never tell. You tell me.

Update: "Anonymous" correctly ID'd this as Savage Grace, a Metal Blade band best known for it's ultra-cheesy album covers, and not much else. I'm sure that people will chirp about how these guys "should have been bigger" and that they released some "under-appreciated proto speed metal blah blah blah," but my recollection is a little more like this: another faceless, generic Metal Massacre band. There were tons of them back in the day and these guys were no better or worse than the others, but they seemed to lack some good decision-making skills based on their album art and nonstop rotating lineup. Which brings me to what makes this picture notable in SG history. Probably no one would recognize him (and, honestly, why would you), but the second guy from the right is former Witchkiller guitarist Kurt Phillips, a Canadian who was in the band very briefly. He never recorded anything, so this may be the entirety of his Savage Grace legacy. Phillips now lives on Vancouver Island in British Columbia and plays in a band called Warhag. Even stranger, guitarist Christian Logue (far left) was arrested in 2005 for allegedly impersonating a doctor. I have no idea what happened with this, but it's a weird twist to the Savage Grace saga.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Chest As Smooth As A Baby's Bottom

Someone couldn't be bothered to button their shirt, or put on a T-shirt for this photo shoot. So feast your eyes on the oh-so-appealing glimpse of his pre-pubescent teenage boy-looking chest. Classy. Come and get it, ladies.

Doubtful he's looking as svelte these days, as this photo is at least 20+ years old and he may well have packed on a few pounds and successfully navigated the perils of puberty. Based on how freakin' obscure this band is (though they did manage to release a very hard to find album), we may never know.

The rest of the band aren't really that bad. The mirrored aviator shades are pretty sweet (pre-Axl Rose, of course) and, if nothing else, they managed to clearly establish a basic heavy metal look. No one was gonna mistake them for, say, Loverboy. OK, maybe Loverboy, but not Dexy's Midnight Runners.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

And Now For Something Completely Different

This was, I believe, taken in the '80s , but it's probably not going to be very easy for the regulars here as it's from a different era in metal than what I usually focus in on. Take that for what it's worth. I dunno if that's gonna help anyone.

The effect of taking this photo in a cemetery (a clue as to the kind of band this is?) is somewhat nullified by the heart-shaped floral arrangement in the upper left corner. It doesn't exactly set the ominous tone I think these dudes were aiming for.

This band did precious little during the time they were together, but they nonetheless had a certain notoriety for their "associations." Once someone IDs them, I'll post another piece of their memorabilia that's pretty hilarious and will illuminate what I'm hinting at regarding their "associations."

Update: So, yeah, this was pretty easy, because not one, but two of the dudes in this band were sporting Incubus T-shirts. This is the death metal band Incubus who were sort of from Florida and sort of from Georgia, a long, confusing story based around the fact that two of the dudes—bassist/vocalist Sterling Von Scarborough (who may or may not have died in 2006) and drummer Mike Browning—were in an early incarnation of Morbid Angel, who were Florida based at the time (circa 1986). Anyway, upon leaving MA to reform Incubus, Von Scarborough took the opportunity to bag on his former band mates, saying in the press release (below): "I learned their material in a short period of time, but they couldn't play my songs. The guitarist said it was too fast and complex....After I left, Morbid Angel folded (by the way, if you hear the old Morbid Angel demo, remember, I WAS NOT ON IT!!!)." The press release also mentions how Incubus was planning to move to San Francisco in '87 to "find a REAL guitarist." They DIDN'T move to SF and they added local guitarist Gino Marino who they recorded a 3-song demo with. That demo was eventually pressed into a 7" EP and that is all she wrote for Incubus.