Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Chest As Smooth As A Baby's Bottom

Someone couldn't be bothered to button their shirt, or put on a T-shirt for this photo shoot. So feast your eyes on the oh-so-appealing glimpse of his pre-pubescent teenage boy-looking chest. Classy. Come and get it, ladies.

Doubtful he's looking as svelte these days, as this photo is at least 20+ years old and he may well have packed on a few pounds and successfully navigated the perils of puberty. Based on how freakin' obscure this band is (though they did manage to release a very hard to find album), we may never know.

The rest of the band aren't really that bad. The mirrored aviator shades are pretty sweet (pre-Axl Rose, of course) and, if nothing else, they managed to clearly establish a basic heavy metal look. No one was gonna mistake them for, say, Loverboy. OK, maybe Loverboy, but not Dexy's Midnight Runners.


Invisible Oranges said...

Guy on the right reminds me of a sleazy Chuck Schuldiner. Guy with the shades is where the action's at, though. He's like if Seth Rogen were in the Village People.

Keir said...

I love the guy with the shades. He has "Third World interpretation of heavy metal" written all over him.

Keir said...

This is Italy’s SHINING BLADE! I noticed a similar picture on the back of the Speed Metal Hell comp.

AT said...

Correct. Nice work, once again!