Sunday, April 19, 2009

Your Antics Are Making Me Sleepy

Well, we've entered a new era of Test Your Metal-dom. Rather than drawing from my own collection, I've scavenged this gem from the Interweb. So, it's possible that some of you may have seen this one before. It's a pretty obscure band, but ya never know.

Anyway, I couldn't resist its Spinal Tap appeal. And the fact that the dude on the right's eyes were closed and yet they decided, "That's the best photo we can offer to the world to represent our band." Maybe the guy always looked like that, so it was no big deal.

The other three seem awfully chummy and happy to be mugging for the camera together, while poor ol' Sleepy is the odd man out. If only his hair was longer, the other guys might have accepted him as one of their own.

And the band is?

Update: Whoa, I totally fell asleep at the wheel there! Yes, this is Slauter Xstroyes, as Keir correctly noted. I found this photo when I was looking for info on a band in one of my previous (still unidentified) posts. (I always love it when people compare a super-obscure band to another super-obscure band--that's useful.) Anyway, I loved the photo and I loved the name. And I have no idea how to pronounce it. These guys were from Chicago and they put out a self-released album in 1985 called Winter Kill. They recorded a follow-up that was set for release in 1987, but it didn't see the light of day until 1995. Very progressive, kind of thrashy. And they are remarkably like that mystery band from an older post that I alluded to above, which is kind of crazy.

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Keir said...

It almost seems as if he's checking for head lice on the guy in front.

Anyway, this is Slauter Xstroyes!