Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Disembodied Head

Just stumbled across this in my personal "archives" (aka piles of crap collecting dust) and though the band looks really familiar, I have no clue who it is. So, up it goes. I'm pretty sure this'll be an easy one.

Even if it isn't, there's much to enjoy here. Not the least of which is the guy in the lower right corner who looks like he used an entire eye-liner pencil to make himself look like a scared raccoon. Totally not evil looking, dude. Fail.

And the smoke machine, while creating that Halloweenish ambiance they were obviously looking for, has the added benefit of making the guy in the upper right look like he has no body. And he seems cool with that. Maybe even a little ecstatic.

Enjoy, my friends. Enjoy. And also don't forget to post your comments and guesses.

Update: Any of you who are familiar with the logo, would have noticed that the dude in the lower left corner is wearing a Ruthless shirt. So, yeah, I do believe this is LA band Ruthless, who are reunited (or still together?). I like Keir's comment (and correct ID of the band) about their "confused evil glam look," because that about sums it up. The music was pretty similar. They put out an EP in 1984 on Iron Works in the States (and Axe Killer in Europe) and a full-length on Axe Killer in 1986. Fade to obscurity. There are probably Europeans who think this band are a god-like kvlt band (like Glacier, I bet they're huge in Greece), but they never did much for me. I like the photo, though. And anyone reading this who is a big Ruthless fan, feel free to contact me because I have a ton of Ruthless memorabilia from the mid-80s that the band sent me back in the day.