Monday, June 8, 2009

Revenge of the Nerds

Usedta be that metal was populated by the uncool dudes (see above). That's because it was patently uncool to be into metal at various times over the last 30 or so years. By "uncool" I mean not accepted by the masses.

So, yeah, plenty of freaks and outcasts found their way to the music. And, while I don't want to make any judgements about these guys based on this photo, my guess is that they were like me and my friends in high school in the early-'80s: a small tribe that kept to itself and was pretty much ignored by everyone else.

Hell, a picture of me and my friends back then would have looked pretty much exactly like this one—bad skin, funky haircuts and all. But these dudes were in a band, and we weren't (yet).

Any idea who they are?

Update: I can't sneak any New England bands past Ian. He immediately recognized these guys as Executioner, featuring Seth Putnam on the left. Seth wasn't the band's original bass player, but I think he joined after their first album. Executioner were one of the plethora of trashy mid-'80s "thrash" bands that seemed to be influenced by the early Metal Blade output. Most of them ended up on New Renaissance Records, and most of them were unremarkable. The artwork was terrible, the production was weak. Some of them may have actually been decent bands, but it was hard to tell from albums they released.


Ian Christe said...

That's EXECUTIONER from Boston, with baby-faced bassist Seth Putnam on far left.

AT said...

Nice work, Ian. I didn't realize that Seth was in this photo. I knew he was in the band, but I thought that this was taken before he joined. All the better.