Friday, July 31, 2009

The Fringe Era

Ozzy used to rock the fringe back in the day, but I think most people would agree that it's not a look that should have gone past, say, 1973. And it should have been mostly relegated to stage wear (and maybe rodeos). You know, so people in the back of the room can see you better when you've got both arms raised and you're giving them the peace sign.

So, we've got these dour-lookin' fellas and, sure enough, there's a leather jacket with some fringe on it—front and center. Dude even decided that the look would be even more badass if he went shirtless. His bro on the left might actually be looking worse, however, as he seems to have a rather large white stain in the crotchal region of his pants and not even his sweet leather vest can cover that up.

The right side of the photo looks vaguely like it was lifted from an Iron Maiden promo shot cira 1979 with these Paul Di'Anno and Steve Harris look alikes.

On the plus side, it doesn't seem that these guys spent nearly as much time working on their hair as the guys in Mystic Force.

Anyone recognize, 'em?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

REPOST: These Boots Are Made For Rockin'

This was originally posted in late 2008. It's one of a handful of bands that remain unidentified. Please check out the comments in the original post before guessing. And, no, this isn't Rail.

This one should be a slam dunk. I put this up not so much because I think it will be particularly difficult to figure out, but more as an example of what bands in the early ’80s thought a metal promo photo should look like. I mean, c'mon!

To be fair, though, the entire scene was considerably less sophisticated then. Dudes in a small town with limited access to magazines and fanzines (or other local bands to look up to or emulate) only had a vague idea of what a metal band should look like so they just kind of filled in the blanks with whatever seemed kinda bad ass.

And sometimes that meant putting on giant fuzzy boots.

Update: This obviously didn't turn out to be as easy as I thought it would be, but Keir, after a little sleuth work finally figured out that this is Prophet, a rather short-lived band from California, who had a track on the very first New Renaissance release, Metal Madness. The dude wearing the boots is the dimunitive Jayme Minson, who later formed Arsin, while his ex-bandmates formed Synbad, neither of which did anything to speak of. We do wonder what happened to those boots, though...

Friday, July 3, 2009

Don't Touch the Hair, Dude

The most notable thing about this rather dull promo photo is the fact that all of these dudes have very immaculately coiffed 'dos. Which actually may help date them. I mean, no one looked like this in '82 or '83. Sure, bands had long hair, but it didn't look like this.

I think there may have been a curling iron involved here. Seriously. There was definitely a lot of styling mousse and/or Aqua-Net involved. I wonder if they all crowded around the same mirror spraying and fluffing up their long locks, maybe comparing styling techniques for getting those shorter bits on top to stand up nice and big.


Anyway, have a happy Independence Day. Here's hoping (at least in America) you'll be drinking a cold beer (or three) and remembering this important piece of advice: Light the fuse and RUN!

Update: Congrats once again to Ian Christe for IDing this band as Mystic Force from Baltimore. They are apparently back together and recording. I don't know much about them, but they seem to be the kind of power metal/thrash combo that was pretty common in the late '80s. I think I might have had one of their demos. I presume Mr. Christe did, too, and probably has a copy of this same photo.