Monday, October 5, 2009

Trailer Park Glam

All right, maybe trailer park glam is a little harsh, but the rise of L.A. glam in the early and mid '80s gave rise to a whole slew of bands from across the States who tried their best to imitate the big city sleaze. With mixed results.

You can make your own assessment of these guys—who I have pretty clearly indicated weren't from L.A. and were American—but everything about them says "good intentions unfulfilled" to me. The hair was big, but the rest is just a patchwork of wild patterns (and colors, I'm sure), women's accessories and Spandex. One of these dudes even had his band's name sewn on his Spandex that I had to crop out. And the big dude in the middle is wearing a Marilyn Monroe T-shirt.

Thanks to bands like these, mostly devoid of any remarkable talent and any sense of originality, glam devolved into a ridiculous parody of an already fairly ridiculous genre. It's no wonder it only took a couple of Northwest grunge bands to dust the whole scene in the early '90s. It was built on nothing but image by that point and the quality of the music was atrocious.

These guys were one of hundreds of bands hoping to score a major label deal and break it big like Ratt or Motley Crue. Never happened.

Update: Congrats to Saint for correctly IDing these guys as Tuff Luck. I know it may seem like I'm picking on this label a little bit, but these guys were also on New Renaissance Records and they were generally emblematic of the largely third-rate material the label cranked out in the mid '80s. Not everything on New Renaissance was terrible, but the label did release a plethora of poorly recorded and poorly packaged albums (see for yourself) that generally established a sketchy reputation for themselves. Tuff Luck were from Florida and their self-titled debut was released in 1987. Needless to say, it didn't help them realize whatever major label dreams they may have had. There was a subsequent album that appears to be self-released in 1993.


Keir said...

Wow, it looks like they all raided their mothers’ closets.

Again, no idea.

Anonymous said...

That is Tuff Luck! :)

AT said...

Nice work, Saint. It is indeed Tuff Luck.