Monday, December 28, 2009

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

OK, another holiday gift to you all. This one not only featured a logo on it, the dude on the right is wearing his own band's T-shirt. Boooooooooo! However, all that may not matter much, because I think this picture is somewhat common. I think it was even used on one of the band's albums.

I still couldn't resist posting it, just for the expressions on their faces. And for the guitarist's hairy chest. That's well worth showing off. I can see why he decided against wearing a shirt to this photo shoot.

But, man, look at the mugs on these guys. Very serious. Not mean, not evil—just serious. Like Grandpa-just-died-unexpectedly (well, he was pretty old...) serious. I believe the Brits call this "po-faced."

And, yeah, the hair's something else, too. You can see as the posts here on TYM have progressed in time (relatively speaking) the hair just started getting bigger and bigger, even for non glam bands.

Let's hear your guesses.

Update: Curt from Demolish Fanzine correctly ID'd these guys as Masi (featuring the swarthy, shirtless shredder Alex Masi). This photo was from Masi's Metal Blade days, I believe, some time in the late '80s. I have to admit that I am completely unfamiliar with Masi's music. Partly because I was never much into the whole "shred" scene and partly because I was losing interest in most metal at this point. Most, not all.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha! good one, since no one has been able to answer this one:

Looks like Alex MASI I think?


album/tour "Downtown Dreamers"...
sound right?

Curt King

DEMOLISH Metal. Blo (all things 80's)

*I have hundreds of similar photos if you need any more for you site!

AT said...

Nice job, Curt. That sounds about right.

Anonymous said...

Dammit, another one I knew but someone beat me to it... grrr...

Heavy MEtal Download said...

its band 80's ??hmmm cool