Wednesday, December 1, 2010

REPOST: Still Up For Grabs

OK, here is a link to the only post where the band has yet to be identified. See what you can do!

Fringe Era

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Conjoined Twins of Different Mothers

I'm pretty sure these fellas were on a major label, so this oughtta be a slam dunk for someone. Though I scanned this one months ago (and it had the band's name on the photo), I'll admit at the moment that I have no idea who it is. Mostly just because, well, they look rather generic and very cheesy.

First of all, the only reason two dudes in a metal band should be sitting like the guys on the right is if a) they are conjoined twins, b) one of them is actually dead and needs to be propped up (a la Weekend at Bernie's), or c) they are homosexual lovers. I don't know what the deal is here, but let's just all agree to agree that this is Not Metal. Nor are the white ankle-length leather boots, but I don't gotta tell you that, do I?

Egregious crime against metal #2: dude in background wearing what looks to be white cowboy boots with cutoffs. It's bad enough that the guy is wearing a ruffle-front shirt with a polka-dot vest, but that's just embarrassing.

And the hair is typical for circa 1989: Perms and mousse for all! I'm sure it made the ladies swoon back in the day, but now it just looks clownish.

Though I'm sure they'll cringe to be identified, we must know who these guys are.

UPDATE: Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, "Anonymous" correctly identified these guys as Mass—the Boston version, as there are several around the world. These guys were signed to RCA in the mid '80s, though this photo was after they were dropped and had signed to a large indie. They had one minor hit that you may recognize here. Not surprisingly, this band is reunited, hopefully without any of the above gear.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

That's A Mirror, Not Identical Twins

Sorry about the quality of this photo. It was, how shall we say, scavenged. I wish I had the original, as it's quite a dandy.

This was not, as far as I know, an actual official promo photo. However, it's a pretty sweet representation of the the various affectations necessary for a heavy metal band group shot.

First, we've gotta have the metal-approved wardrobe. Check. Well, except for the big fella on the left sporting the short-sleeve collared shirt. I've looked it up in the official How to Dress Heavy Metal reference book and this is not up to code. Sorry, dude.

However, this faux pas can be forgiven in light of the magnificent mane he's sporting. Totally metal all the way. Dude gets a free pass for that alone and could probably get away with wearing parachute pants with hair like that (though it's no doubt a perm, minus points).

Of course there's the token bottle blonde in the middle playing peek-a-boo, and the guy on the far right (who looks like he has a twin in the mirror) has some nice pout-n-pose action goin' on.

Who are they?

UPDATE: Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, "Anonymous" correctly identified this band as Monolith from Oregon. More specifically, they were from the Eugene/Springfield area and this photo was actually taken at the Record Garden, one of the coolest West Coast metal stores. I don't think Monolith ever released anything official, but I imagine they probably had a demo floating around. I seem to recall hearing them on "Commander" Al Scott's metal show on KZEL one time, but maybe I'm wrong.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Can You Guess Which One Is The Drummer?

Yeah, he's the dude wearing the Zildjian shirt. Just so ya know. The dude in front, unfortunately was wearing his own band's T-shirt, so I had to do a little work on that.

Now, by my reckoning, these guys were of a late ’80s vintage. The hair just seems a little too, uh, worked on for the early or mid ’80s. Beyond that I'll leave it to you all to figure it out.

I know this isn't the most hilarious or noteworthy photo, but about half the guys in this band look like someone from another band which makes it interesting. In fact, if my eyesight weren't great, I could probably be convinced this was the Mach III lineup of Portland's Glacier. However, it ain't.

Also, don't forget that there are still three unidentified photos here that need some serious scrutiny.

UPDATE: Curt from Demolish Fanzine needed about half a glance to get this one. Mostly because he had a full post about Lethal on his own site. (Note to self, check Curt's site before posting anything from the late '80s...) Go to the comments section of this post for the details about the band, or just go here.

Monday, April 26, 2010

"We'll Mesmirize You All WIth Our Hair"

Just found this one in the archives. I suspect it'll be easy, because this particular photo looks really familiar to me. Though you can't tell from this scan, the original photo was giant for a promo shot—must have been 9" x 12".

At first glance this reminds me of something from the late '60s or '70s. Thus, we can pretty much assume that this band didn't come out of mid-'80s LA. Or did they...?

In case you didn't notice, the guy on the left really wants you to know that he's the drummer, dammit! He's sporting a drumstick necklace and a cymbal badge. Guy on the right just looks a little...troubled. Like maybe he's worried people are gonna find out he's underage and the my-first-mustache just isn't convincing people otherwise.

Yeah, it's an odd mix of fellows in this one. Here's hoping we can figure this one out and find out what became of this lot.

UPDATE: Jojo has pegged these guys as "Saxon clone" Battleaxe, who were, in fact, Brits and who played a minor role in the NWOBHM. They put out a pair of rather unremarkable albums in the mid '80s (their first, at right, had an incredibly bad cover), but never really went anywhere. Believe it or not, they are confirmed for Headbanger's Open Air 2010.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Like Shooting Fish In A Barrel

This beauty comes courtesy of Curt King of Demolish Fanzine, however, even he doesn't know what band it is. According to Curt, this was sent to him between '87-'90 (big surprise) and it fell out of the press kit it was originally sent with. So, there you go.

There couldn't have been too many bands with a member sporting such an amazing mullet, so someone's gotta recognize these guys. I'm mean, that is World Class! I can only assume since the person's shirt is open that this mullethead is in fact a man, but this particular style also has some fans among certain members of the opposite sex. If you know what I'm saying...

If you can pull your gaze away from that fella for just a second, you may notice the dude in front's striking resemblance to Alex Van Halen. He probably noticed that, too. Then there are the two poodles—cute, but harmless.

My guess is these guys sounded like White Lion and dreamed of the day they'd be "discovered" while playing at the local Holiday Inn lounge. Never happened, dudes. Sorry.

Long Overdue Update: Wow, I totally dropped the ball on this. Congrats to Jymbo for IDing these guys as Battle Bratt. Whatta name. I really don't know that I have much more to add. It all just seems ridiculous enough on its own. You will, no doubt, be excited to hear that Battle Brat put out a long-player in 1988, which has been reissued recently (by popular demand, I'm sure). Nice work, Jymbo. Sorry it took me so long to give you credit.