Monday, April 26, 2010

"We'll Mesmirize You All WIth Our Hair"

Just found this one in the archives. I suspect it'll be easy, because this particular photo looks really familiar to me. Though you can't tell from this scan, the original photo was giant for a promo shot—must have been 9" x 12".

At first glance this reminds me of something from the late '60s or '70s. Thus, we can pretty much assume that this band didn't come out of mid-'80s LA. Or did they...?

In case you didn't notice, the guy on the left really wants you to know that he's the drummer, dammit! He's sporting a drumstick necklace and a cymbal badge. Guy on the right just looks a little...troubled. Like maybe he's worried people are gonna find out he's underage and the my-first-mustache just isn't convincing people otherwise.

Yeah, it's an odd mix of fellows in this one. Here's hoping we can figure this one out and find out what became of this lot.

UPDATE: Jojo has pegged these guys as "Saxon clone" Battleaxe, who were, in fact, Brits and who played a minor role in the NWOBHM. They put out a pair of rather unremarkable albums in the mid '80s (their first, at right, had an incredibly bad cover), but never really went anywhere. Believe it or not, they are confirmed for Headbanger's Open Air 2010.