Friday, September 3, 2010

Can You Guess Which One Is The Drummer?

Yeah, he's the dude wearing the Zildjian shirt. Just so ya know. The dude in front, unfortunately was wearing his own band's T-shirt, so I had to do a little work on that.

Now, by my reckoning, these guys were of a late ’80s vintage. The hair just seems a little too, uh, worked on for the early or mid ’80s. Beyond that I'll leave it to you all to figure it out.

I know this isn't the most hilarious or noteworthy photo, but about half the guys in this band look like someone from another band which makes it interesting. In fact, if my eyesight weren't great, I could probably be convinced this was the Mach III lineup of Portland's Glacier. However, it ain't.

Also, don't forget that there are still three unidentified photos here that need some serious scrutiny.

UPDATE: Curt from Demolish Fanzine needed about half a glance to get this one. Mostly because he had a full post about Lethal on his own site. (Note to self, check Curt's site before posting anything from the late '80s...) Go to the comments section of this post for the details about the band, or just go here.


Helm said...

They're definitely American. Something like Glacier would be what I'd come up with too. Nobody's too distinctive so I can't make a good guess.

curt said...


Cinci, Ohio melodic power metal band (ala' Queensryche/Maiden). Great band BTW.

Jerry Hartman is the drummer who replaced Adrian Powers.

Sorry, couldn't contain myself:

AT said...

Yeah, well that was a no-brainer for you, Curt, since you have a massive post on this band on your site! I gotta be careful what I put up now!

bob the all night rocker said...

the dude on the left and the dude on the right look like identical twins

Anonymous said...

The guy 2nd from the left is Dave Kendall the drummer from Gargoyle in Portland, OR