Thursday, April 21, 2011

Demolish Fanzine Throws Us a Bone

UPDATE: Our pal Ian Christe checked in and immediately spotted these guys as Quick Change from the Chicago area. They aren't, perhaps, as obscure as they may seem, as the band did put out a full-length in 1988 on Roadrunner Europe (reissued by Metal Mind in 2007) and have issued a couple self-released CDs in the '00s. OK, yeah, they're pretty obscure. Ian also had this to add: "I recognized the junked-out car... these guys had their own Quick Change stock car for a while."

We're long overdue for an update, so it's with apologies for the long break that we bring you this gem. And we would be remiss if we didn't mention that it comes courtesy of ’80s fanzine master, Curt King, of Demolish Fanzine.

We owe Curt big-time for providing us such a meaty morsel to sink our teeth into. The first thing we notice is that, for some odd reason, the dudes on the left all feel the need to spread their legs like they're about to get frisked. Which maybe was a regular occurrence for them. I mean, if that junked out old car they're standing in front of (very metal ambiance, btw) is their ride, they were probably getting pulled over by the cops with some regularity.

Can we also just note that "one of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn't belong." And by that, we mean the guy on the right who stands a head taller than his bandmates, weighs half as much and sports a full-length leather trench coat. And his haircut and shades aren't doing him any favors either.

Rather than blather on about the finer details of this mystery band's overall "look," we'd prefer to just let you soak it all in and make some of your own observations. You may not know who this is, but here's your chance to at least make note of some details that may help determine the country of origin, the era, the style of metal they played, what styling products they used, etc.