Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Five-Perm Discount [IDENTIFIED]

UPDATE: This took a long time, but the band has been correctly identified by Eryx Azarath as B.O.W.A. Here's additional info provided by the person who sent it to me, Jymbo Harris: "BAND OF WILD ANGELS or BOWA, with bassist Mike Davis (second from left) who was in Angel Rot, Lizzy Borden, Rob Halford, Nocturnus, and Ozzy. The redhead guy in the middle is Mike Torres (aka Mike Towers) who sang for Heretic, Vermin, Abattoir and TYM band Masi. The guy on the far right is Mark Benquechea, the drummer." Thanks again, Jym!

A generous benefactor sent us this one, and we unfortunately have since lost all the details regarding it, so we are as clueless as you are (or maybe aren't). Just like the good ol' days when I started this blog.

But we couldn't say no to this beauty. As far as '80s metal bands go, these dudes are pretty well put together. They've got the leather, the denim, the bullet belts and, good lord, hair that goes for days. And it's all lovingly tousled, teased and, no doubt, lacquered with Aqua-Net.

We may be conjecturing when we suggest that there was some perming (is that a word?) involved as well, but we can't help but think some of those coiffs are a little, uh, manufactured. But a man's gotta do, what a man's gotta do if he wants to vaguely look like a lady. We just wonder if indeed they all did get perms, if they got a five-for-one low price deal.

Anyway, please tell me who this band is.